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DoMiNioN is an Alliance PvE guild on Altar of Storms - US established back in the original WoW days.

We raid in our own pace (currently 3 days a week) while doing our best to keep things fun, mature, drama free and serious when needed.

You wont get gkicked or yelled at for making a mistake, we do however demand you to come prepared, know the fights (at least watch them on Youtube) and be commited if you're part of the raiding roster.

We're always on the look for talented, skilled and mature players, if you like what you've been reading, or spoke to someone in game, feel free to drop an application.

IMPORTANT: Before applying to the guild, please visit the forums and read our policies, loot rules... etc in the "Recruitment and Guild Info".
Also: After applying, make sure to check the forums for the reply. WE WILL NOT PST YOU IN GAME! the way we see it, if you cant "spend" the time checking up on your own application status you are not the kind of player we're looking for.
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